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Construction planning is the process of systematically organizing and outlining the various tasks, resources, and timelines involved in a construction project to ensure efficient and successful execution. It involves the development of a detailed roadmap that guides the construction process from inception to completion, taking into account factors such as budget, materials, labor, and scheduling.

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Construction design refers to the process of creating detailed plans, specifications, and drawings that guide the construction or development of a structure or infrastructure. It involves translating conceptual ideas into practical and executable plans, ensuring that the construction project meets safety, regulatory, and functional requirements.

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Construction build refers to the process of assembling and erecting structures or infrastructure, involving the systematic coordination of labor, materials, and equipment to create a finished project according to specified plans and designs.

Our Process


The concept stage of construction is where the magic begins. It’s like the blueprint of a dream project – full of exciting possibilities and potential. This is where ideas start taking shape and creativity flows freely. It’s like the calm before the storm, where everything feels fresh and full of promise. This stage invites you to explore different concepts, play with designs, and envision the future structure. 

Research & Planning

When it comes to the planning of construction, it’s like putting together a giant puzzle where every piece matters. Picture this: you’ve got blueprints spread out, coffee in hand, and a mind full of possibilities. It’s all about making sure every detail is thought through, from the materials needed to the timeline of the project. With a relaxed approach, you can tackle each task methodically, ensuring that the building process flows seamlessly.

Design & Refining

During the design stage of construction, meticulous planning and coordination are critical to ensuring the success of the project. This phase involves creating detailed drawings, blueprints, and specifications that serve as the roadmap for the construction process. Architects, engineers, and designers collaborate closely to translate the project requirements into tangible design solutions that meet the client’s needs and adhere to building codes and regulations. Attention to detail, creativity, and a keen understanding of structural integrity are essential during this phase to lay a solid foundation for the construction process.


Our attention to detail and precision are paramount to ensuring a successful project outcome. This phase is where the vision on paper starts to take shape, and expertise plays a crucial role in bringing it to reality. It involves coordinating various trades, materials, and schedules to ensure each element fits together seamlessly. Professionalism during this stage is vital to maintain quality standards, adhere to timelines, and manage any challenges that may arise. By upholding high standards and effectively managing the building process, our professionals can ensure that the project progresses smoothly towards completion.

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EnVista Builders provides General Contracting and Project Management Services throughout Summit County. Some of the areas we build include Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Frisco, Dillon, Copper mountain and Keystone. We offer a wide range of professional interior and exterior construction services from kitchen and bath renovations to decks and pergolas. Let us help you build your dream indoor or outdoor living space.

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